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Lost Boys (2020)

Rated PG-13

1 hour and 34 minutes

Drama and horror

7.5 Stars out of 10

Review by Heather McCoy

Eddie and I watched this movie at home from our Prime video. There wasn’t much online about this movie because it just came out and because of Covid there isn’t much that is being posted now a days. I am going to do my best to describe the movie without giving all the good parts away. This movie is supposed to be a spin off the 1987 film. I have never seen the original film, but I do like this movie so far. The movie starts off a little different than I thought it would. I really like vampire movies and shows; and if you do too, then this movie is something you are going to want to watch! This movie went by quick and is good. A brother and sister move to the town where their aunt lives thinking that they were going to get to live there for free. They get invited to a party and that is where everything really starts and where they learn everything, they need to know about what is happening around the town.