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This Month at the Movies

Hi, I’m Heather, Barbara’s daughter, and I’ll be giving you a little insight into a family friendly movie or a date night movie each month. I have two daughters, ages 5 and 2, so we get to watch a ton of kid movies but we do watch movies just for us as well.

Movie of the Month

By Heather McCoy

Nobody’s Fool

Rated R

1 hour and 50 minutes

Comedy, Drama, Romance

4.7 Stars out of 10

Danica is a successful worker at a marketing firm and has been in a relationship with "Charlie", a man she met online a year ago but has never seen in person. When she is sent to pick up her recently paroled sister, Tanya, from prison, her mother tells her that Tanya must stay at her house. The film opens with Danica (Tika Sumpter) starting her day by dancing to a Janet Jackson song as she answers a quick call from Charlie (Mehcad Brooks), her boyfriend. She heads to her job at an ad agency where she and her best friend Kalli (Amber Riley) are set to headline a special project.

Review by Heather McCoy

I watched this movie for “me time”. I really liked this movie. It was different and really funny at times. There are some sex scenes in it and foul language so that is why it is rated R. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.