January 2022 Events

Enjoy making memories and having fun at home this month! As we all continue to find ways to have fun and enjoy life while staying safe, consider doing some of these activities.

· Expand your thinking with new experiences: Each month for 30 days in a row, commit to doing something new that you have thought about doing, but have not done, and notice how it affects your life. Start this month and do one activity for the next 30 days in a row and then assess how it has impacted your life.

· Write letters to three people in your life to let them know what they mean to you.

· Find a volunteer opportunity at

· Practice the one a day principle: you can’t delight everybody all the time, but you can do something extraordinary for someone each day. Find a customer, colleague, relative or a friend each day and do something remarkable. Using the one a day principle will make your business and life remarkable.

· Get your yearly budget in order: plan this year and take a few minutes to get your yearly budget done. If you’ve never done one there are many resources online to help.

· Go ice skating: social distance shouldn’t be too much of an issue on the ice. Get the family out for a day of ice skating.

· Start a new workout routine: if it’s been a while since you were regularly active, now is the time to get into some healthy habits. If you’ve been working out regularly, maybe its time to freshen up your routine. New year, new you!

· Meal prep: eat better this year by taking control over what you eat on the go. Take the time to learn new healthy recipes and ways of creating meals to go.

· Tune into the Grammys: on January 31st we will get to recognize all the artists that made music in 2021. This is sure to be an entertaining event.

· Clean out your holiday decorations: as you put up your holiday decorations this year, think about thinning out your collection. Organizing your decorations now will make things easier next year.

· Expand your knowledge: in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, learn something new about the civil right movement or consider virtually marching in San Antonio’s famous MLK Jr. Day march and celebration.

· Cozy up with a good book: cold weather pairs perfectly with a good book. Pick out something fresh you’ve been wanting to read or even reread an old favorite. You can’t go wrong when its chilly outside.

· Support small businesses: with 2021 behind us, the effects are still present. Keep supporting the small businesses around you that your family enjoys.

· Pizza night!!! - if you haven’t had a “create your own pizza” night at home, you’re missing out! This fun and interactive meal is an excellent way to bring the family together.

· NCAA National Championship game: on January 10th the NCAA National Championship football game will be played. If you are a sports fan, you won’t want to miss this.

· Make cookies from scratch: go to a simpler time with your family and bake cookies from scratch. These warm little desserts will make for a fun activity and a yummy treat. If you’re being healthy look for a creative healthy cookie recipe to try.

· Restaurant week January 15-29: dine out and dig in at your favorite restaurants for less during this bi-annual extravaganza! Winter restaurant week delivers two weeks of food charm with the best eateries in town participating!