September Events

· Get a head start on holiday shopping

Labor-day week deals are a real thing. Stash some of your sale finds

for the holidays to lighten your shopping load in the fall.

· Learn about “Fiesta Couture”

The Witte Museum has an exhibit taking you “Behind the

Seams” on Fiesta fashion. This beautiful exhibit is available

until November 15th.

· Freshen up your outdoor space

Now that it’s starting to cool off a little, get the power washer

out and freshen the exterior. It’s a great time to get your patio

ready for cool fall evenings outside.

· Clean up your computer

Take a little time to go through your computer and organize

your files. Delete the files no longer needed. This will declutter

your virtual work space.

· Go see a movie

If you are comfortable, support our local Theaters and see a

movie. New movies are still coming out and they’re replaying

classic releases.

· Are you ready for some football?

The general consensus is yes! Regardless of where you

watch, make sure you tune into this historical season starting

on September 10th for the NFL.

· Volunteer

With so many people in our community in need, September is

a great time to volunteer with local organizations. Let’s help

get people back on their feet.

· Create a sidewalk mural

Get out the chalk and create a work of art for the whole neighborhood.

· Clean out your closet

It’s been a few months since you did your spring cleaning.

Take a good look at all of your closets looking for things you

could do without. If you’re feeling inspired, maybe work on

creating the closet of your dreams.

· Take care of yourself

Make sure you take care of your mental health along with your

physical health. Online counseling has taken off and could be

a healthy something to consider.

· Get in shape

You may have spent more time inside this summer eating than

usual. Start creating healthier habits this fall by working out

from home or social distancing at your local gym.

· Visit an amusement park

Many amusement parks are back open and ready to entertain.

· Keep supporting local businesses

The wake of COVID has left many businesses struggling to

stay open. Check in on some of your favorites and support

them any way you can.

· Learn more about your family

Take the time to learn more about your family history. There’s

much to discover and who knows, maybe you’re related to

someone famous!