Things to do at home

· Make TikTok Videos of yourself or your kids

· Have a picnic in your backyard

· Have a dance party to get everyone moving

· Re-organize your house one room at a time

· Do workouts at home

· Go on virtual field trips

· Have at home concerts

· Have coffee time or happy hour with friends through zoom

· Learn new games to play

· Clean out the house of things you don’t need or use as much

· Do a scavenger hunt around the house and even in the backyard

· Make a homemade obstacle course

· Take on a new craft project

· Try painting something fun

· Find some fun and cool coloring pages for all ages

· For Easter have a backyard and indoor Easter egg hunt

If you have questions about what you can do now to be ready to buy or sell a home, feel free to reach out to me for some advice. We can meet by phone, e-mail or Zoom meeting. You deserve a Realtor Who Listens by Heart!

Wishing all of you health and a place to be safe!

Many blessings… Barbara McCoy-Adams, Realtor